Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fashion Institute of Technology once again held its 8th annual Symposium this year.
The two day discussion offered up a wealth of information from prominent professionals inside the fashion industry. Introductions were made by Dr. Valerie Steele and a big welcome by Dr. Joyce F. Brown (president of FIT).
Day one: guess speakers include Dr, Alexandra Plamer, (senior curator at the Royal Ontario Museum) spoke about Dior and American fashion; Caroline Reynolds Milbank(author about American fashion) convey her knowledge about the origins of the American look, in conjunction with the exhibit currently on display in the FIT museum called (American Beauty); Christian Cota (fashion designer) Expressed his experience as a Latin American designer; Pamela Golbin (curator in chief at the Musee de la mode et du textile of the Palais du Louvre), converse about the French view of American fashion.
Day two: David Colman (columnist at the New York Times) chat about the history, mythology, race, and fashion have clashed and colluded to create today’s preppy revival; Charles Kleibacker (master couturier) was in conversation with Patricia Mears about his career and as a master of the bias drape; Eric Wilson (fashion reporter of the New York Times) communicate about fashion journalism in the digital age, and how the future of blogging and internet now plays an important roll in the media; Yeohlee Teng (fashion designer), with Dr. Susan Sidlauskas (teacher of history and theory of modern art at Rutgers) spoke about her fashion career and about her collections and exhibitions around the world. Other speakers include Dr. Van Dyk Lewis (associate professor at Cornell University) enlightened the audience about the history and influence of Hip Hop Fashion in American culture, and Holly George-Warren (Author) spoke about cowboy couture and how western fashion plays a roll in American fashion. Over all the two days were enlighten, full of knowledge and inspiring.